Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I'm at a bit of an all time low. I look terrible, feel terrible and can't get my butt in gear. These pictures are really bumming me out, but I'm posting them to (hopefully) remind myself in a few weeks how bad things got. Just 4 months ago I was about to run a marathon and on top of the world fitness wise. Now I struggle through personal training sessions, wake up shattered and never, ever run. Not even the prospect of a holiday next month is motivating me to begin exercising and looking after myself. Work wise things are not much better, but I'm not really a liberty to write about that so you'll just have to guess how dire things are. I can't really see the light at the end of the tunnel and my usual resources are not kicking in. Can anyone recommend a way to restart that only takes a weekend (no holiday pay for me) and might recharge me? 

Top - Cos 
Trousers - J Brand 
Boots - Russell & Bromley 
Bangles - H&M


Anonymous said...

You look GOOD, you fool! Your legs are so wonderfully skinny. Honestly. Chin up, dude. I would swap your legs for mine in a second. Mine are what you would imagine a milk-fed dairy maid would be sporting. It is summer, and there are excellent wines to drink and movies to see and parks to laze about in. And September Vogue is as big as a doorstop. What's not to love? Plus you have Chanel in your wardrobe. Just go lie down with them and stoke them for me.

mustownmore said...

I stroked the clothes and all was better. And then I tried to run a 10k with no training and nearly died. Thanks for the chin up pep talk xxx

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