Wednesday, 10 August 2011


It's been an odd few days in London. Helicopters, riot vans and sirens are the familiar sights and sounds for us all at the moment. Living in this city all of my life, I have always been fiercely proud and incredibly grateful to be able to call this place home. At the moment I am incredibly ashamed of the images that people are seeing around the world and ashamed also that things have been allowed to get so bad. We're all part of society, so we're all responsible for helping to fix it when it breaks. 

It feels a bit stupid posting outfit pics but I'm damned if some out of control yoofs are going to stop me finding pleasure in putting on an outfit that makes me feel that little bit better than I did first thing in the morning. Call me shallow, but that's what floats my boat.

Jumper - Zara
Dress - Topshop 
Shoes - NW3 by Hobbs
Belt (worn as necklace) - Chanel 
Bag - YSL 

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