Saturday, 6 August 2011


Last Saturday it was the village fete in the village my parents live in and my Dad's birthday. I wasn't quite as helpful as I could have been on the bric a brac stall - I spent most of the day mooning over the lovely dogs at the regional dog show, one of the main attractions of the day (as far as I'm concerned). That and the cake stall. And the tombola. Why am I so drawn to a stall where I can spend £1 for 5 tickets only to win a can of sweetcorn I could have bought for 42p? That's one fucked up British upbringing right there.

Oh, and most importantly? It didn't rain.

1. Village fete being set up 
2. Cute dog 
3. Another cute dog 
4. Birthday fizz
5. Dad's Lego men (he collects the packets you buy like stickers)
6. More Lego (seriously, he was given loads as pressies)
7. Mum & Dad's garden 
8. Oi oi sailor (and very non P.C. cannibal)
9. Hula Hoop fingers. Classy
10. Wonderful Swedish Hasbeens x H&M sandals 

All taken with Instagram

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