Thursday, 18 August 2011


I love these Stubbs & Wootton slippers but they are a bitch to wear in. I can handle if for about 3 hours before I start to limp and then after 6 hours I can stand it no longer. 

How do you wear in shoes (other than the abject pain and misery route of just wearing them)? Please. Answers would be helpful!

Sometimes I smear the insides with Vaseline to prevent the friction or wear thick socks and walk around the house in them. I have to admit that the majority of my shoes I do not wear are because they have crippled me once or twice and I can't face the pain again. I start getting flash backs to 1992 and the Dr Marten boots of my youth (a.k.a. the heel shredder), truly something I never want to repeat. It takes a rare pair of shoes to feel comfortable first time on and brand or expense don't tend to be the most reliable barometer in my experience.   

Jacket - Whistles 
T shirt - Maje 
Trousers - J Brand 
Slippers - Stubbs & Wootton 

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