Wednesday, 30 June 2010

20ans Emmanuelle Alt Editorial - Cat Woman

This is one of my favourite editorials of old. It's from a French mag called 20ans, that these days looks a bit like Company magazine, but 10 years ago was more like a cross between Dazed & Confused and Cosmopolitan - fashion, lifestyle, friends, street style, sex etc. 

I had a few precious copies of 20ans in the late 1990's that I would go back to over and over again. I loved this editorial and still do - the model, messed up sexiness and the playfulness (I'm a sucker for the image where she's eating the last feather).  What got me was that many of the editorials from 20ans had a slummy student flat as the background, or models rolling around in a bed with McDonald's cartons everywhere. In my late teens these were images that one could relate / aspire to - the thrill of being independent and rebelling against everything your parents drilled into you. 

Magazine - 20ans 
Stylist - Emmanuelle Alt 
Photographer - Terry Richardson

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