Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Thank You Poste Mistress

After a stern talking to myself last night I paid no attention and ended up buying a pair of Acne Atacoma wedges in the Poste Mistress sale. I know the time for them has 'passed', but I couldn't resist them. As a result expect some linked ebay selling very soon - I'll be needing some Summer cash quick smart. My social life until then will be gym based...about the only place in the world that a) I've already paid for and b) it's almost impossible to spend money in with the added bonus of c) making me feel better now the weather is hotting up. 

But back to the shoes...Not only are they totally badass to look at, but because they're wedges they're quite easy to walk in. It's so funny that about 5 years ago the idea of wedges made me a bit ill (really, the reaction to a pair was borderline physical, like how I feel when I see the trailer for that shit new film with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in it), but now they are my total obsession - I love how clumpy and encased they make your feet look, plus they are the only style of high heel that I can really wear for any length of time without almost dying or breaking my ankle. I can go out and dance in wedges. And walk home in them...a miracle! 

Top - H&M
Jeans - Jamie jeans by Topshop
Shoes - Acne Atacoma's

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