Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Emmanuelle Alt & my Parisian Dreams

I love Emmanuelle Alt's work for Paris Vogue. This is one of my favourite editorials ever and was blu tacked to my kitchen cupboards of my old flat for 4 years ('Toute Allure' from 2005 I think photographed by Terry Richardson) - how badly does this make you want to be in Paris? The next time I hop onto the Eurostar I'm making sure these are the kind of looks that have inspired my packing.

Recently for the fashion styling course I'm doing I looked back through all the old editorials I've ripped out over the years and realised that I'd been obsessed with Emmanuelle for ages without joining the dots. In the late 90's she worked for 20ans a French magazine that I always bought when I crossed the Channel, and lo and behold, it was her work even then that I was cutting and keeping for inspiration - I'll post those later...


johanna said...

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sevendialsgirl said...

Thank you Johanna! And thanks for the comment.

I've visited your blog too - and following :-)

Katy x

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