Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Kabuki, Colour & Black Moods

Tonight I went to see the Kabuki at Sadler's Wells. It was absolutely amazing, and the costumes blew me away - there were at least two pairs of trousers the actors wore that I would happily buy, and some of the prints showed just how much Vivienne Westwood *might* have taken as inspiration for her early Pirate collections (I am just guessing here, but the sure did spring to mind). All the colour and extravagance made my theatre outfit feel rather drab, but after a day of battling printers and uncontrollably weeping eyes it was all I could manage.

Tee Shirt - American Apparel
Trousers - Balenciaga
Brogues - Zara
Headband - made from bottom three inches of American Apparel Tee

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