Monday, 14 June 2010

Primark Wellies - This Is Not A Festival Post...

It is only fitting that on a day I put my washing out on the line to dry and got home to find it soaked, I found this pair of wellies.

They are floral. They are from Primark. They cost £8. They are mine.

Now, I am not, and never will be a 'festival goer'.  Seriously, the word festival is beginning to make me cringe, or worse still, strike out. I will forever skim over those useless bits of filler in magazines with headlines like 'Get the Festival Look!' or 'Stars give their festival beauty secrets'  (OKAY, WE KNOW, BABY WIPES AND DRY SHAMPOO, SHUDDUP ALREADY), but thanks to my parents place in Somerset, there is always a chance that these wellies will come in handy come the day of the Summer fete or any other outdoor activity, ever, that we Brits take part in outside.

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