Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Fantasy Beach Break

London is a sweltering pseudo sauna at the moment. City living and temperatures above 30 degrees really don't work for me. The tube becomes an even more effective torture device than before and shops begin to resemble Native American sweat lodges (I'm talking about you, Topshop Oxford Circus...half the city's female population spend their cash there and you STILL can't have a decent air con system?).

My point is that I want to be on a beach. I don't care if it's the Gower in Wales, Margate, somewhere more chic like St Tropez, or bordering on the exotic. I just need fresh sea air, a chance to swim and some sand that will stubbornly stick to every item of clothing and baggage to remind me of a great summer escape. 

Of course, wherever I go I will be channeling this great editorial in Vogue Paris from July 2007. It's styled by Emmanuelle Alt and photographed by Peter Lindbergh. 

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