Friday, 7 January 2011


I am feeling a little bit uninspired outfit wise, and (let's face it) a bit fat after Christmas. Wearing clothes is never as much fun when you feel uncomfortable in them. Luckily, training for April's London Marathon means this feeling won't last too long. But still, I'm not sure why I do it myself every year.  

So in lieu of an outfit post I've gone close up crazy with my new camera again. Soon I'll invest in a tripod and start taking fancy new pics - maybe even moving from my preferred location of my 2nd floor stairs...

Winter boots of varying practical-ness L-R: Zara, New Look, Zara

Antipodium Dress - loving the cross motif 

My next nail polish project - am thinking either a green french mani / pedi or a one of each scenario with a camel colour that must be located asap. 

Whistles Skirt - a great graphic animal print that I can't wait to wear with clashing prints of various persuasions. 

My bangle drawer - Marc Jacobs, Chanel, New Look, Charity shop among others. I used to be a bangle wearer, never leaving the house without some on (okay, piled on like a trollop jangling down the street), but since getting my Chanel J12 watch 3 years ago they don't look right on my arm any more and I worry about them chipping the ceramic. 

Another Antipodium dress from the Liberty sale. 


Augusta said...

That Antipodium dress looks so beautiful.
Where can i buy it? (I'm from dk)


sevendialsgirl said...

The Antipodium site doesn't seem to list stockists

but I know they sell the brand on ASOS.

Happy shopping xxx

Frida said...

Love it all! You just reminded me to paint my nails thanx ;)


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