Monday, 24 January 2011

WAH! NAILS and outfit to match

What can I say? I'm still in my Dries Van Noten phase, and this snood is helping me achieve the look, albeit on more of a budget. Thanks ASOS for coming up trumps. 

But forget the clothes. These are my WAH! NAILS. I popped into Topshop on the off chance they would have a spare appointment on Saturday and they did. I only had time for an easy design so I went to leopard print to clash with my snood / scarf thing. I am already planning my next visit with pale purple, blue and pink Aztec design in mind. 

If you are Dalston or Oxford Circus Topshop way I can't recommend it highly enough. I've never really seen the point in traditional manicure places - I can paint my own nails in one colour well enough. But these designs are something else. Well worth the £24. More complex designs can reach £40, but for a special treat they're perfect. 

Jacket - eBay 
Jumper - Whistles 
Snood - ASOS 
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Zara

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