Thursday, 20 January 2011

Unhappy Outfits

I'm not mad keen on this outfit or these pictures...but I'm posting them anyway. 

I don't think this outfit works, and I didn't feel comfortable in it. For a start, whilst I love this jacket the rounded cut of the shoulders does nothing for me - my Mum often nicks this jacket, I think next time she does I'll let her keep it. I'm also not great with earrings. Studs I can do, hoops like this, not so much. I felt like I wasn't me. If I cut of the metal bit that goes through the ear I'll be left with two claw rings instead (I've tried, they fit well and look great like that), so I think they'll get butchered this weekend. 

The only thing I was truly happy with were my nails, but just my left hand (I couldn't get my left hand steady enough to do my right, oh to be ambidextrous). 

T shirt - Christopher Kane 
Trousers - Zara
Jacket - Jil Sander 
Earrings - Pamela Love 
Socks - Paul Smith 
Shoes - Zara

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