Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I finally got around to picking up my Christopher Kane dress I ordered last year and popped it on the minute I got home to check it fitted (phew, it did). I've got to say, I just LOVE it, it's more perfect that I could have ever imagined - the high neckline and half length sleeves give it just the right amount of primness, and in my mind a dress this bright needs that staid factor. The only problem with it is underwear, even with a nude M&S no VPL thong on it's still visible. What do you reckon? A slip? An underwear hunt of epic proportions? Or a more dangerous for the modesty, but much easier solution? 

Dress - Christopher Kane 
Shoes - Christian Louboutin 


Anonymous said...

Holy moly, that is AWESOME

mustownmore said...

Thanks! I am so lucky that one of my friends worked at Christopher Kane for a while!

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