Thursday, 2 June 2011


It might have been years since Vivienne Westwood first introduced the squiggle print, but it still works for me. Someone today commented that it looked like an African fabric print, by which I guess they meant bright and bold. In this colour way the pattern toes the line between garish and classic, an aesthetic I'm all in favour of - you won't get overlooked walking down the road in this top (at least not in the sea of grey / navy / black that is commuter Britain). Plus anyone I'm with can see where I've gone when I wander off in search of something new and shiny in the supermarket (one of my worst habits). 

The other bonus about liking colourful, slightly batty prints, is that they tend to be in the sale because the majority of the population would prefer something a little more safe. I think this Queen Viv top only cost about £60 at the very tail end of the sale in Urban Outfitters. Score. 

Top - Vivienne Westwood Anglomania 
Trousers - J Brand 
Sandals - Zara 

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