Sunday, 15 August 2010

Christopher Kane - Man or Fashion Machine?

Christopher Kane A/W 10 was pretty darn fabulous. I wasn't 100% keen on the gingham S/S 10 (although I did try some of them on in Liberty and had to admit they were rather gorgeous), but with this winter offering he has spoilt us rotten. Leather, lace and floral embroidery, I mean, it shouldn't work but it does. The rock chick mixed with Heidi aesthetic is a new category for most of us, but it's been executed very well - almost as if it should always have existed, I can see the prettifying of leather being something that will crop up more and more in coming seasons. Unfortunately for most of us this look is expensive (as designer leather so often is, let alone worked designer leather), but it's still sold out online everywhere...not much chance of picking this one up in the sales. Oh well...a girl can dream.

But Christopher Kane is not the kind man to stop at one whacking great big offering for the season to lust after aimlessly. No, he also brings us Versus, Versace's younger line - and in the past season had really brought the label back to life using the signature Versace motifs in a clever and modern manner. These pretty red party dresses for A/W 10 are so rad - sexy but not slutty, soooo Versace, but with a pinch more subtlety. Me likely lots. 

Lastly, this is a Versus Christopher Kane bag from the S/S 09 collection with the Versace safety pins. It's in the sale at Browns Labels For Less and it is taking all the willpower I have not to buy it and call it an early birthday present to myself along with the two pairs of shoes that I have ordered. 

So, I have come to the conclusion that Christopher Kane is a dangerous fashion terminator, determined to destroy me by bringing out more and more fabulous stuff for me to get frenzied over. 

All runway pictures - 

Bag picture - Browns 

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