Saturday, 7 August 2010

Shopping My Closet

I'm down in Somerset this weeknd with my parents, and guess what...they made me tidy my room. Yep, I have a wardrobe overflow they wanted cleared out in time for the village Fete next week and unusually I obliged. It turned out to be pretty bloody good fortune - not only were there loads of things I'd forgotten I owned in there, there were also items that I thought I'd lost / donated etc that will now be returning for another crack of the whip.

Apologies for the crappy iPhone photos - I forgot to bring my camera cable. Not smart.

Amazing fur booties bought from a charity shop about 10 years ago - they are actually gum boot covers - there is a pair of 1960's sandals inside that slip out so you can go from the snow / rain outside to the dance hall / restuarant with ease! In mint condition. I die. Faux fur trimmed, so very this A/W, non?

A vintage Zandra Rhodes t-shirt dress. I used to work for her when the FTM (Fashion & Textile Museum) was being set up, and bought quite a lot of her dresses in the years after. This was an ebay find. It is so short it's indecent, so I think leggings will be in order if I wear this out.

I can remember buying this in charity shop in Lewisham when I was about 17 and having a massive argument with my Mum because she thought it was stupid and ugly. Of course it is, that's the point. I used to wear this at university with Japanese kung fu slippers. I will busting this out very soon.

The best home made jumper ever? Another charity shop find years ago...worn with Abercrombie & Fitch cargo pants that I barely took off for about three years in the early noughties - runner chic - you could fit spare tapes, batteries and mics in the pockets.

A Kenzo Jungle dress - a rare moment of sensible dressing in a sea of quirky finds.


Judy Walters said...

Katie..I love your blog... you haven't changed a bit... :)

little shadow said...

Haha, that dress is UGLY!
But I admire you for having the confidence to wear it and pull it off x

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