Monday, 2 August 2010

Therapy Post - Home Disasters

Please excuse the off topic post, but just like Dr Watson was advised in Sherlock on BBC1, I am using this blog as therapy. 

Today seems to be the icing on the cake of a pretty down weekend. Yes, there is nothing like an early Monday morning discovery of your boiler leaking, electrics fuzzing away and the recent kitchen redecoration from a previous disaster totally damaged. I will be in need of decoration once again it seems (not to mention an overhaul of the plumbing that will cost squillions). 

So, how to make a positive? Well, this may be just the excuse to put up some wallpaper somewhere. I came across this image from the Sanderson collection in Vogue Living Australia.

Tell me that is not utterly gorgeous. Go on, try. I will not listen to you, because you are wrong. 

I am in love with the print, but it might be girly for me and not in keeping with the colours I have going on (Farrow & Ball heritage greens / creams and light browns), although I do have a punked up version of the Ercol love seat in the picture, so maybe I could de romance it...? I have to find a way to use it. 

Anyway, this picture drew me away from my usual Cole & Son wallpaper crushes and I've been investigating what else Sanderson could do for me that is in keeping with my house. I love the Sicilian lions - as an ex archaeologist they appeal to me greatly. The tulip print has me going over all Nancy Mitford, and the swallows are just so delicate I think they could give some air and movement to a hallway. So all in all promising, very promising...

All pictures from Sanderson website  

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