Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Things That Will Soon Live With Me

I know I mostly post about clothes, but my blog is called Must Own More, and along with shoes, trousers and tops I also quite like buying stuff for my house. I had a bumper time this Saturday in the junk shops, antique yards and charity shops of Somerset and North Devon...

My Mum and I have a thing about naive art, especially anything with historical connotations, she has a wonderful school project of the Bayeux tapestry she picked up in a charity shop that always gives us a giggle, and this is my version - The Canterbury Tales. It's massive - about 3 ft long, I can't wait to put it in my living room. 

A poster display from the Taunton Odeon that was knocked down a few years back. This was the venue of my first cinematic experience, The Fox & The Hound, I found it so traumatic that I had to be taken out in tears. So this is my history, you see? Once this is cleaned up I'm going to have to figure out what I want to put inside...suggestions have already been made that it is the aforementioned film poster. 

The most mind boggling travel case from the 40's / 50's that only cost £65. It has two drawers and one large compartment that folds down with fabric ties to keep your shirts / jumpers in situ. The hangers clip back and can be fanned out to allow you to access your jackets or tops. It still has old travel stickers all over it too. I adore this, but figuring out where to put it is going to be a bugger. 

And finally along with assorted Coronation china to feed my addiction to all things QEII, this lovely china bowl. The matching jug is long gone, but I love the size of it. One day when I have a girly bathroom rather than a mirror and marble monstrosity this will have pride of place. It was only a fiver. 

So, that concludes my interior buys run down. I have decided that September will be the month of a house overhaul that will see painting / wallpapering / picture hanging and rearranging on a scale worthy of World Of Interiors which this month features Debo Devonshire's house at Chatsworth (not Chatsworth itself). She may be in her 80's, but I heart everything about her, including her decorating style and the bathroom featuring an Elvis portrait and wallpapered in silver foil. 

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