Monday, 2 August 2010

Dries Van Noten - Clothes Designed For Me

I go through many designer crushes, but often the looks that I love are ones that aren't very 'me'. As much as I love Moschino, I'm not very bling, and whilst I adore Vivienne Westwood in reality there's a bit too much tit for everyday life. So many fashion items are things that I know that I could neither pull off nor be truly comfortable in. 

One exception is Dries Van Noten. The colours, fabric clashes, proportions, silhouette - it's all in keeping with my style. Before Koh Samui on Monmouth Street closed down (RIP) I managed to bag a couple of Dries jumpers for about £80 each (usual price around £400 - £600) which I am always scared of wearing because they are a) cashmere and b) I have moths, so c) I know I will get holes in them if I take them out of their protective bags. But I should. I promise myself here and now I shall wear them this coming Autumn. 

I will use the whole of the Dries Van Noten A/W collection as my wardrobe inspiration come September - I think I already have a lot of it covered (baggy tops, tailored trousers) but top of the list for new acquisitions are painterly prints and a REALLY GOOD COAT. 

P.s. my model obsession at the moment is Tati Cotilar, pictured above all in black. Designers & mag editors please note - I need to see more of this splendid woman. 

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