Sunday, 28 November 2010

Pamela Love or ASOS?

Pamela Love jewellery is fabulous, but also pretty expensive. I try a piece on about once a month in Liberty but never end up buying it. Part of the reason I can't do it is that it is so trendy and instantly identifiable I worry about how dated it will look a few years down the line. Luckily for me ASOS stepped up once again with a decent approximation that more than replaces any Pamela Love shaped need in my life right now. ASOS is on fire right now, I just can't get enough...I love a British success story. 

Sweater - Ann Sofie Back 
Bracelet - ASOS
Velvet Trousers - ASOS 
Spotty Socks - Random Tokyo Sock Shop 
Boots - Topshop

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