Monday, 22 November 2010

Wool Saves The Day

Growing up in the UK my childhood was littered with the phrase "Well put on an extra jumper" every winter. Rarely was an opportunity used to put the heating up when there were still clothes to be layered. The popular refrain from my Mum was always one that extolled the virtues of wool (she held a real disdain for jersey because it did not adequately perform the functions of a proper jumper). She was right, of course. The best thing about these sweat pants is that they are in fact made of wool, which makes them extra special cosy and appropriate for winter weekends when you want to remain warm. 

Scarf - Tsumori Chisato 
Jumper - Uniqlo 
T-Shirt - American Apparel 
Joggers - Whistles 
Socks - Burlington 
Boots - New Look


dave said...

the title of this blog is endemic of the empty capitalist existence to which we have all been confined. it is poetic in its vacuity.

mustownmore said...

Thanks David x

I'm glad you think I'm poetic!

I'd send you a gift, but some reason you only post your views whilst remaining anonymous.

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