Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My 500th Blog Post

This is my 500th post on this blog. When I first started blogging it was curiosity that got me. I read so many blogs and wanted to know how easy it was to do from a technical point of view. So, I just blogged about my day, the restaurant I'd eaten in last night, the great things I didn't buy on eBay...

Then one day, bored and unemployed, I began experimenting with my camera and realised that if I placed it on a certain point on my window ledge I could get a full body shot of my outfit. I began snapping away, documenting what I wore and I found it fun. It helped me to think more critically about what I was wearing - was it flattering? Was I being lazy and wearing the same outfit again day after day? Could I dig through my clothes and find something I'd never posted before? In short, it spurred me on to start actually wearing the many clothes I'd buy and then not wear, or wear within the four walls of my house and never to be seen human eyes. 

The other added bonus to blogging was it helped me get over a phobia I'd had for years - being photographed. From the ages of 13 to about 30 there must be only a handful of pictures of me, because I hated my photo. I know for the most part I photograph terribly and am not a naturally photogenic person, but through taking photos of myself everyday I have learnt to be less self critical about my appearance and become more confident in the way I look (apart from cropping pictures and enhancing the light I rarely touch the pictures up - unless it's the bags under my eyes, which have become my replacement paranoia and the subject of much spending on eye creams). 

So, that's been my blogging experience so far - small lessons - but for me a sea change in both my attitude towards dressing and myself.  

Top - American Apparel 
Jeans - Uniqlo 
Shoes - Marni 


MissMtheBeekeeper said...

I think you look beautiful, every single day. And even better, I am lucky enough to know you are just as beautiful on the inside!

Right, adoration sess over. Get back to work bitch.

Anonymous said...

Visiting your blog has become my routine. I digged your blog out just a few months ago and I found that you have a very good taste of fashion. I really like your shoes collection. They are all so cute.
BTW, I am so obsessed with your mani shoes on this post. May I know where you got it? I am in USA. Do you think I can order it online? Many thanks!

mustownmore said...

Thank you, glad you like the blog.

I'm afraid I got them at the Marni outlet store just outside Florence, so I think they are a couple of seasons old. I've seen them in different colourways online - maybe eBay or Yoox?

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