Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Spring. The time of year when I can start wearing flats without socks. And yet again my attention turns to velvet slippers. These babies just aren't getting old for me - the twin associations of age and extreme wealth make them an item I love playing with. 

The Row went for velvet slippers with masculine tailoring. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are clearly doing something rights, because any outfit on the catwalk that brings to mind Frida Kahlo is okay by me. I love how luxe and powerful this look is. If women dressed like this we would totally rule the world. 

And then Tommy Ton for - the crested velvet slipper - we're getting into old English families who 'keep' houses rather than own them. But I'm common as muck, so this isn't an option for me. 

So thank you Man Repeller, for reminding me that anything the UK can do, the USA can do, if not better, then really bloody different. Sod crests in the New World. We're going to put men with maracas on ours. We're filthy rich with a sense of humour. 

I'd never heard of Stubbs & Wootton - we don't have it in the UK, and a quick glance at the website convinced me that if I went into any one of the physical stores in the US I may be tempted to a go a bit Michael Douglas on the average clientele, but you have to admit they do a nice line in tapestry / velvet slippers...

Nite n Day  - my personal favourites

All nice, huh? 

But then to stop me in my tracks and remind me just why I hate obnoxious rich collegiate types, and why I shouldn't buy velvet slippers even if I think I'm subverting them by taking them out of context, Stubbs & Wootton have thrown these into the works. The most singularly unpleasant pair of shoes I have ever seen, worn by people who must truly be the biggest assholes on the planet. 


invisigle said...

I do like the nite & day's. Definitely something to aspire to.

invisigle said...

...on second thought, I do like the bee quite a lot as well.

mustownmore said...

I know! I really like them, it's just my heart fell at the Screw You ones - how unpleasant!

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