Thursday, 14 April 2011


When the Ashish t-shirts for Topshop went into stores earlier this year I thought about buying one, but they cost £40, and £40 seemed a bit expensive for a banana split (speaking of which, I haven't had a banana split since I was about 12, I think I might have to have one on Sunday, traditional banana split day in the Barnes family during the mid 80's). 

A couple of weeks ago there was a flash sale in Topshop stores, and the Oxford Circus branch has just one of the Ashish tees in that sale, in my very size. I am not the kind of girl not to take the hint when it comes to food, even if it is the kind I'll be wearing not eating. 

T Shirt - Ashish at Topshop 
Jeans - Uniqlo 
Shoes - Prada

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Anonymous said...


I must ask a very odd question, I was wondering if I could buy your Ashish tshirt with a banana split print for the price you paid for it in store?
Im desperate, my daugther saw that tshirt in an old magazine and I have been surfing on ebay everyday sinse 2 days ago and its nowhere to be found.
So that why Im asking you. And I would off course also pay for the package fee aswell. So if you are interested of selling it to me my email adress is:

Thank you! Have a lovely day!

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