Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Chictopia is asking bloggers to wear red and white in support of Japan and donate money. My red and white outfit reminded me of being in New York a few weeks ago I went to an exhibition called Infinite Variety - Red & White Quilts. Now, quilts aren't my usual territory (I should explain that my Mum is a quilting fan and is as turned on by quilts and patchwork as I am by shoes), but as the sole reason for my Mum and Dad coming to New York was to see this exhibition, I thought I should tag along. 

The quilts were hung in The Armory on Park Avenue, a mind bogglingly massive space that alone fills you with awe. Filled with quilts the space was even more overwhelming, akin to a religious experience. The huge spirals of red and white draped to the floor, spaces between them allowed you to walk through the hanging structures with mouth agape. The sheer spectacle and volume of the collection was astonishing, and the layout and lighting were a triumph, even more so considering the exhibition was only on for 6 days. The collection belongs to Joanna S. Rose, who began collecting them in the 1950's. I overheard a curator telling some people that this exhibition was a gift from her husband for her 80th birthday - so she could see her collection displayed in all their glory (she had never seen them all together before). Clearly the man has heaps of cash, but he also seemed to me to be rather thoughtful - what a great gift for someone, and how fabulous to then make the whole shebang free for the length of the exhibition. It's probably one of the best exhibitions I've ever been to in my life. But enough of my jabbering on, Simon Schama gave a much better review in the FT

T shirt - Stolen Girlfriends Club 
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Xenos from Poste Mistress

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