Wednesday, 20 April 2011



If you read this blog you know I've been a bit obsessed by them for some time. From Tom Ford's extortionate £1,000 pair to the plethora of choice Stubbs & Wootton offer, I have been tempted by them, but ultimately thwarted (either by price, long waiting times for bespoke pairs, or in the case of Stubbs & Wootton, closed on a Sunday). 

When I saw these tapestry slippers in Liberty it was a no brainer. Surface to Air are rapidly becoming one of my favourite shoe brands, offering the most comfortable wedges imaginable and distinctive designs, but I hadn't seen these before. 

They are utterly perfect in every way and will allow me to glance at my feet and pretend I am Agatha Christie on a dig with Max Mallowan somewhere in Mesopotamia (although the website claims it is an Aztec motif...mere details...). 

T shirt - Urban Outfitters 
Trousers - J Brand 
Slippers - Surface to Air 

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