Friday, 8 April 2011


It's 70 degrees in London and absolutely gorgeous. In the space of a week it's gone from winter to what is essentially summer and whilst it is lovely, you can tell it's got people in a sartorial spin. There are plenty of women still in heavy opaque tights, boots and even coats, hats and scarfs (I think by default). Then there are the troopers - out in sun dresses the second the sun started to shine, bare legs (and mostly the foresight to slap on a bit of fake tan or tinted moisturiser), sandals and a pedicure. For me it's a chance to put the ankle swinging trousers back into rotation now socks are no longer called for. 

My legs aren't really in a fit condition for any hemline above the knee, pasty, in need of some tlc and also asking for me to not walk into anymore sharp corners for a while (or perhaps to just remove the wooden box in my bedroom I keep on walking into). My other added problem with dressing for this weather are shoe choices. With just over a week until the London Marathon I cannot risk any blisters, and for me the first few times you wear sandals and flip flops out after 5 months in boots always end up with the utilisation of a number of plasters. I also can't wear any heel height at all before I run. So ballet pumps it is. Thank god I stocked up on Bloch ballet pumps in Melbourne last year. Who knew they would be so useful right about now? 

Cardigan - Uniqlo 
T shirt - Topshop 
Trousers - Zara
Pumps - Bloch 
Gold bangles - Gogo Phillip from Topshop 
Faux ivory bangles - H&M
Clutch - Prada

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