Monday, 11 April 2011


If you read this blog (or, modern concept, actually know me), you'll know I have a lot of stuff - from books to cookie cutters, hats to Winnie the Pooh plastic toys. If there's something out there to acquire I will probably spend time doing just that. Intellectually I will tell you it's my fascination with material culture and my archaeological background of reading the lives of people through their material possessions and impact on the environment that makes me like this, SO DON'T EVEN GO THERE. 

But my clothes and shoe situation is becoming serious. The clothes faced a massive cull on Saturday as I sat down with my Mum and got rid of about 1/3 of my wardrobe. My closet was so jam packed I couldn't even move the clothes hanging on the racks, so searching for items was near impossible. During my ditching session I tried to be brutal and think more about my style and I came up with the following:

1) It is pointless buying dresses that require a lack of bra and have no inherent support to them, because it will look like two ferrets are stuck up there as I walk.
2) I don't EVER wear the cord trousers I buy, why do I forget I hate corduroy in shops? 
3) Pouffy sleeved tops / dresses never get worn because of the inherent difficulties of wearing a cardie or coat with them .
4) Overly baggy or loose shirts and tees are out because they make me look fat and encourage me to not do anything about that fat feeling either. 
5) Empire line and smocking really don't work with D cup boobs 
6) Remember never to buy jersey dresses ever again, they are unforgiving on lumps and bumps and all fashion journos LIE REPEATEDLY about the jersey wrap dress. It does not suit any shape and size, so don't believe the hype. 
7) Just because I had a really good time in that dress in 2002 doesn't mean I have to keep it forever...does it? 

These are some of things I have come to realise after looking through the bags of things ready to go to the charity shop. I might stick this reminder list in my purse and read it when I'm standing in H&M / Zara / Topshop / Primark / River Island / T.K.Maxx (because almost everything came from these 6 stores exclusively). 

On the other hand, these Converse hi tops remind me of how throwing stuff out isn't always the right thing to do. Technically these trainers should be binned. The canvas is frayed and ripped around the heel, the rubber trim is cracking and they look like they've been attacked by a teenager. But of course, they look that way because they were attacked by a teenager, namely me. In 1993. And 1994. And 1995. And... 

I bought these in a charity shop when they were already a little 'loved' and for many years they were a constant companion. About a month ago I was wondering what had happened to my old beaten up trainers, so I was pleasantly surprised last week when I discovered them in a box of 'resting' shoes down in my parent's house. They are even laced in the same way I wore them as I sat listening to Tricky / Nirvana / RHCP in my room, reading the NME and dreaming of not living in Lewisham. These babies aren't going anywhere. 

Shirt - Equipment 
Vest - Topshop 
Jeans - Topshop 
Trainers - Converse 

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pumpkin said...

Amen to No. 6. And to the soundtrack of our youth. Had a Nevermind moment recently - absolutely fantastic.

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