Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I have been going to charity shops for eons. As a kid I can remember getting 10p to spend on something from the toy box in the Oxfam in Blackheath on a treat day. You'd rummage through trying to find the best item out of an eclectic bunch - a mangled My Little Pony, 25 piece jigsaw, ugly teddy bear and then go home happy with your bargain. Almost everything in my childhood was second hand from charity shops and jumble sales so nothing freaks me out about my shoes having a previous wearer or a little old man possibly dying in that golfing sweater.  

I still charity shop (not as often as I'd like however as that pesky full time job gets in the way) and in all my years there are some items you keep a look out for 'just in case'. In the past these items have been the perfect cowboy boots (wanted in 1996, finally found in 2001), cashmere sweaters and Levi jeans, but now include an Hermes bag, Chanel anything, Prada lucite platforms from S/S 1997, an original Ossie Clark dress and a pair of Ralph Lauren skull and crossbones embroidered jeans. 

So, when I walked into the Sloan Kettering Cancer Thrift Store on the Upper East Side and found an ENTIRE RACK of Chanel direct from the shop I nearly died. Sure, these were not traditional charity shop prices, but they were almost 1/10th of Chanel prices and Chanel at that price is not to be sniffed at in my opinion. It costs more than that in vintage stores, and this shit was brand new! I must admit when I paid I was shaking like a leaf just in case someone realised their mistake and tried to take the Chanel off me. 

Jacket - Chanel from a thrift store on the Upper East Side 
T shirt - Giles 
Jeans - J Brand
Belt - Charity shop 
Shoes - Chanel 


Anonymous said...

NO!!!!! NO!!!!!! say it isn't true! YouDID NOT FIND A WHOLE RACK OF CHEAP(ish) CHANEL! I cannot live with this. I juts cannot. That is my dream, alongside world peace and thinner thighs. I CANNOT believe it. What a marvellous score. I am shaking with the thought. Tell me, everything was small, right? I could never have fitted into anything, correct? I need to lie down.

mustownmore said...

I share your amazement! I went all wibbly - and whilst some of it was small some it wasn't stupidly size 0 ish - there was a size 52 jacket (had no idea any european designer sizing went that big, but I guess you pays you gets). Not all mega small, after all the jacket and dress fitted my size 12 with boobs frame... but if otherwise yes, it was all for rich frail upper east side women. All I need now is that Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag (and world peace).

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