Monday, 2 August 2010

Feline Groovy

Sometimes I think I should be working for The Sun with titles like that. 

Anyway, to try and cheer myself up I thought I'd post some pics of my mini H&M haul on Friday afternoon. I don't think I'll be doing any outfit posts for the next day or two, seeing as I have no hot water and there will be plumbers all over the shop. 

This shirt was only £7.99 - has anyone else noticed that H&M prices seems to be getting steadily cheaper? I swear the clothes are almost the same price now as they were when I was but a 14 or 15 year old buying white PVC A-line button down skirts for 7 quid (really,I know it was the early 90's, but WHAT was I thinking?).

The other thing that caught my eye were these cage ankle boots, also £7.99. For that price I just had to have them. They remind me slightly of the Opening Ceremony shoes with the zip down the front. I love the leopard print and the lowish wedge heel. I bought these and then pretty much ran out of the shop in case someone realised that they'd priced them incorrectly, 'cause just under 8 quid is nuts, right?

T-shirt - H&M
Shorts - Whistles 
Belt - Charity Shop
Shoes - H&M


MissMtheBeekeeper said...

hello honey, if you need place to shower/bathe tomorrow you can have keys to mine or come over in the evening xx

Not a Paper Cup said...

Love those shoes!! :)

Tory said...

Oooh I love that top... and the headline! My headlines are dreadful, but hey, nothing like a good pun to reel 'em in!

LA said...

Great top and shoe!


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