Thursday, 3 March 2011

White Prada Platform Brogues

A girl reserves the right to change her mind. And change it I did. I was all set for the brown Prada platform brogues, but in the end I went for white. What gives? Maybe it was wearing green on the day I tried them on, maybe realising that with better weather on the way (please heavens, hear my call) a lighter colour is more appropriate, or perhaps it was looking at my sad white oxford lace ups on the top of my landing that died a death in the New York rains after more than 10 years of trusty service and I still don't have the heart to throw away. Whatever the reason it was a split second decision and the right one, I think, for summer. My only problem now is that I love them so much I keep on looking at my feet. I'll probably get run over admiring them. 

Top - Cos 
Trousers - J Brand 
Socks - Tabio 
Shoes - Prada 


Anonymous said...

I love your prada shoes. May I know where you got them? Thanks!!!

mustownmore said...

They were from Liberty. The London Prada shops have none in stock, but are expecting them soon. They are selling like the proverbial hotcakes, I am told, so you'll have to swoop in a timely fashion!

Kazuko said...

they are amazing! if they would have had them in my size in white, i would have chosen them, too. just ordered dark brown and i'm so excited and nervous at the same time. hope they fit - do they run true to size?

mustownmore said...

I find Prada always a bit on the large side, I got these a size down from my normal size. They are quite a slim fit, so the guy in the shop told me that most people are getting them true to size (I just have very narrow feet).

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