Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I am in need of a visit to Tiger in Hammersmith soon. Tiger is a great store, sort of a cross between a small Ikea marketplace and a pound shop. It's great for inexpensive stocking fillers, gifts and decorations (if you want cheap home wares I'd also recommend it). 

The front windows always look unspeakably naff and for years I avoided ever going in. How wrong was I? Along with a row of charity shops and the T.K.Maxx, Tiger is now up there in the list of reasons to hop on the Piccadilly line on a Saturday morning. Last year when I was working in Hammersmith I'd pop in once a week and during one of those little sorties I found this harmonica necklace for £1. I haven't been in almost and entire year. Like I said, I am in need of a visit!

Jumper - Uniqlo 
Necklace - Tiger 
Jeans - Current / Elliott
Trainers - Nike 

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