Monday, 7 November 2011


Can you remember the 90s? 

For those of you that can't, it was all the rage back then to wear a short sleeved t shirt over a long sleeved one. It wasn't a style I particularly embraced but this outfit feels like a modern reworking of that era, what with the long sleeved / short sleeved bits and boots with integrated socks. I even felt a bit stroppy and stompy at work in this and not altogether comfortable. An uncannily accurate summing up of my youth.

Jumper - Whistles 
Dress - Cos 
Tights M&S
Boots - Opening Ceremony 

1 comment:

pumpkin said...

Ha, I wore a much less glamorous version of this on Saturday for mooching round the house and farmers' market - complete with Norman Whitfield Masterpiece t-shirt. Seriously, this look needs to come back so that my fab t-shirts don't have to hide under hoodies and cardies during the winter months.

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