Saturday, 30 January 2010

Christian Louboutin for Charity...If Only.

Last year I found a pair of Christian Louboutin for Chloe shoes in a charity shop for under £20. They have a dark red almost purple-ish sole, which makes me think they must be from very early on in his career. 

I know that heels have gone up and up in recent years, which is one reason why I love earlier Louboutin and Manolo shoes - the heels are much lower and the styling is now retro enough to feel ready to bust out again. 

As much as I was thrilled to find my pair - dusky blue satin mary janes with a embroidered flower on the side  (camera still broken...), I can't help but feel slightly upset it wasn't these babies that I found instead. If I did I might just hyperventilate so much I'd faint in the shop and someone else would swoop right in and buy them. 

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