Sunday, 31 January 2010

Coco Chanel - the woman behind the clothes

I am reading a book about Chanel at the moment. No...not the Justine Picardie one, the Axel Madsen. I am about half way through and what strikes me is just what an amazing woman she was. Her determination and power used to create this business in which she knew what women wanted, from the freedom clothes afforded them to the manner in which people assumed good taste, and hence were willing to pay a whacking great premium is fascinating. She was so calculating and so darn good at what she did. And timeless - squint a little and take out the ciggie and this could be Erin O'Connor in a editorial today.

Please also allow me a little vent - I have had the Justine Picardie book on order since October, and since then the release has been pushed back and back - I still don't have it! It was going to be my holiday reading on a plane flight in December, and then my tucked up in bed Christmas treat. Now it's looking like it will be my holiday beach read. Pfft. 

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