Thursday, 7 January 2010

Polpo - The Verdict

Went to Polpo last night avec the rentals with the reasoning that as London was pretty much deserted because of the snow we would stand a better chance of getting a table.

And get a table we did. Although we still had to wait 45 minutes. Whilst the rest of the City was empty this place was throbbing with people - just goes to show what great reviews does for a place - everywhere else was dead.

It was all worth it. The food was yummy - and at £83 for 3 people with wine, puddings and tip it's one of the best meals of the year so far...okay it's the first week of January...all I can say is that future meals out will have to be pretty special to trump this.

The pizzetta bianca was delicious - don't share, have one for yourself. The cuttlefish amazing and the liver just right. The wine list was very reasonable and the half litre house red at £9 totally quaffable on a cold winter's night. Service was very friendly although there are a few kinks to iron out (we didn't get our spinach and the bill when it came had a few omissions - heck we're honest) but it was heaving and being so new these things happen.

Will be going again asap to eat more from the menu. There are no reservations so it really it pot luck. Cross fingers this is a lucky year.

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