Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Dreamy Chanel Bag and Cold Weather Musing

Oh my, it is so cold in London, and my house remains arctic no matter how much heat my radiators pump out. I should be working / tidying / gyming / wardrobe decluttering, but all I can managed is lying in bed with electric mattress on reading magazines or watching Law & Order SVU.

Still, at times like this one can reflect and begin to PLAN for the warmer weather. And speaking of warmer weather - how perfect is this handbag? It is sadly 'one that got away' on ebay about two years ago. I try not to look at this picture too much because it makes me sick and angry all at the same time, but I felt like I had to share it with you. If you have one that you want to part with (are you mad?) please let me know!

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