Friday, 8 January 2010

Emma Hope & Emma Cook & other bargains

Yesterday I went to Westfield with my Mum, for no reason really, other than to get out the house. The extreme cold and snow meant Croydon for an Ikea and big T.K.Maxx was out of the question, as was Hammersmith (which sucks because I really need to get two pictures framed at the good framing shop there) and the 'charity ship triangle' of Blackheath / Lee Green / Lewisham (we are nothing but classy my Mum and I).

Westfield is a pretty good destination - 15 to 20 minutes by one tube, charity shops if you walk the long way round, a library and then the shopping centre itself.

In the first charity shop I found a pair of Emma Hope plimsols - for £4! They retail for £200 +, and indeed in Westfield where this is an Emma Hope shop the very same ones were in the sale for £179, down from £259 or something like that. Crazy.

With that bargain in the bag I was already quite happy to bimble around for the rest of the day, but I got quite a haul:

2 pairs of peg legged trousers in grey and black from M&S (one pair reduced to £5, the other pair to £9).

1 Jill Sander for Uniqlo wool cardie for £12.99 and one v neck sweater also £12.99 in black and oversized from the mens department

An amazing jersey slub sweater from Gap in a lovely bluey gray for £14.99 - I am super excited about this with long skirts if it ever stops freezing over...

And a pair of Emma Cook for Topshop shoes in the sale.

Lots of stuff! Will do an outfit post asap x

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