Monday, 18 January 2010

You can never have enough, though sadly you always have too little storage

After months of putting it off I took to rearranging my tee-shirt and jean storage.

I now know:

I have wayyyyy too many tee-shirts, including an impressive array of blog based ones dating back to 2005 when I first purchased a Go Fug Yourself tee.

American Apparel have changed the jersey they use to make their long sleeved tops, and not for the better.

I cannot resist buying Uniqlo jeans - I have over 20 pairs of the skinny cut in all shades of blue, black and earth tones.

In fact, almost all my jeans are super skinny apart from two very baggy pairs I have left over from the late 90's that remind me of being a slouchy student when I thought that wearing jeans meant you couldn't avoid them sucking up all water nearby when it rained. I could never go back - this is why skinnies rule for me - no wet legs.

I'm gonna have to stop buying stuff and wear what I already own.

Please remind me of this as the spring/summer 10 stuff hits the rails over the coming weeks.

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