Thursday, 5 May 2011


I went to Bicester Village on Tuesday. I know. Dangerous. But I was about to start a new job and a treat was in order. 

I've never been to an outlet shopping centre in the UK before, only ones in Italy and the US. I thought it might not be as good as my previous experiences abroad, partly because when I'm away I'm always dealing with a currency that isn't 'real money' so I tend to convert wildly inaccurately (and therefore massively over spend in an accidentally on purpose kind of way). 

Turns out when you go to an outlet shop in the UK the comparisons you make are along the line of "Shit, this is pretty much what a pair of shoes in Topshop cost these days", which is not even that much of a delusion...I picked up Marni shoes for £61 and £78 respectively. I won't go into the Church's, but in Katy math they TOTALLY made sense, after all they're made with such detail the size isn't stamped on the sole, it's hand written on the inside *faints with pleasure*. 

White & tartan brogues - Church's 
Brown sandals - Marni 
Peach suede brogues - Church's 
Purple platform sandals - Marni

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