Saturday, 14 May 2011


This post was a blogger crash casualty. It was meant to go up yesterday. I seem to have all sorts of double posts and weird labelling going on. Oh well. 

I love this dress and I how I feel when I wear it. It's a super simple cut in many ways, and clearly designed by a woman who knows how some dresses feel great on for the first 4 hours, but shitty after you've had lunch and go back to sitting at your desk. This you can wear all day without it creasing too much, it crucially doesn't cling to your stomach and is still fitted enough around the bust and upper torso to not totally swamp you. 

But...the best thing about the design is the fabric. Delicious draping volumes of the stuff that swish as you move. I could not ask for more. Apart from it to also come in black, navy, red and grey. 

Muscly calf shot due to the irresistible urge to play with all that material. 

Chain necklace - Vintage Dior from eBay 
Skull necklace - Pamela Love 
Dress - Cos 
Bracelet - Vintage Dior from eBay 
Watch - Chanel 
Boots - Vivienne Westwood
Bag - Moschino 
Nail polish - Bloom in Daisy from Superdrug 

1 comment:

Jen said...

the cut of this dress is amazing.
love how your nails are the pop of colour.

Jen xx

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