Friday, 27 May 2011


Yep. My favourite leather jacket is still missing. I think it's been lost since early May, about the 3rd or 4th and leaving the house takes much longer because I can't just throw it on. 

Now that over 3 weeks have passed and nothing has been seen in any of the likely places (my house, my parent's house, the car etc) I am beginning to accept that I will need to replace it. I will go high street hunting this Bank Holiday weekend, but I'm not overly hopeful. ASOS, for once, has failed me and I haven't seen anything in the magazines that looks like me either. 

The main criteria are; 
Slightly cropped style
3/4 or over sleeves
Minimal detailing
No waist or collar belts
No cowl neck or Rick Owens goings on...just classic cuts. 

So far only Net a Porter has come up trumps, but the the cost becomes significant. I guess if I'm going to wear it for years (my Topshop version served me well for at least 5 years) then spending lots on it isn't that bad...after all I've blown similar amounts on shoes I barely wear, but I'm trying to be less profligate these days. Is the Universe conspiring against me?

LOT78 Reese Leather Jacket £575 from Net A Porter

Theory Reanne Leather Jacket £730 from Net A Porter

Images from Net a Porter

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