Saturday, 7 May 2011


Other than a pair of Converse on a down day, and Brooks or New Balance for actual running in, I very rarely wear trainers. Throughout my teens and early twenties I wore trainers all the time, quite often with a sock rolled up and stuffed inside under the tongue to give the trainer an inflated skate silhouette. Really. The 'change' happened when I was about 23 and I had to wear proper shoes for my first proper job. My feet killed for about 6 months as they got used to wearing something that wouldn't give with every step, but as time went by a shoe always seemed the more appropriate, slightly more grown up option.

But my trainer youth still clings on in some parts of my shoe wardrobe. I bought these a couple of years ago in a outlet mall in Texas. I was basically panic buying because the shoes I had been wearing were almost worn past repair and I wanted to preserve them. It was either buy something else or bust out the 6 inch stilettos I had in my bag. Victoria Beckham's solution perhaps. Not mine. The best thing about trainers for me is that they make me feel younger. I swear I feel 10 years younger in this outfit. If I put shoes on again I'd instantly age back to 30 plus. 

Waistcoat - Thrift store in NY 
T shirt - Deer Dana 
Jeans - Zara
Trainers - Nike from outlet store in Houston

1 comment:

Jen said...

LOVE this outfit.
So Fun.
The Waistcoat *drools*

Jen xx

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