Saturday, 14 May 2011


I seem to have *misplaced* (I can't utter the word 'lost' yet) my favourite Topshop leather jacket, so I'm having to make do with my brown New Look one that I bought in a sale a couple of years ago for 20 quid. The poor thing hasn't got much wear from me as I always favoured my black Topshop one, but now it is hiding from me I am attempting to wear this new one in and give it that battered patina that I favour. 

Losing items of clothing doesn't happen that often to me, but I still remember the searing upset of finding I'd left my Bodyglove long sleeved t-shirt at Southbank at 15. I'd picked it up in America and I think I moped for days. Years later I dropped my favourite Zara floral blazer in a jet lagged haze in a Melbourne supermarket and despite visiting the lost property in the shopping centre everyday for the entire holiday no one ever returned it. 

If you see a bashed up Topshop leather jacket in a size 14 that is so old it's gone grey from wear and tear and it has a few tissues, paper clips and an old train ticket to Taunton in the pockets, it's probably mine. 

Jacket - New Look 
T shirt - Christopher Kane 
Jeans - Topshop 
Boots - Russell & Bromley 

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