Monday, 20 September 2010

David Koma Zig Zag Dress

David Koma showed this morning at LFW along with Holly Fulton. I'm sure if you're into reading fashion blogs you'll know that David Koma shot to fame / infamy when Cheryl Cole wore one of his dresses on the X-Factor last year (an odd place for experimental fashion to get a workout, but that's the world today) - the 'garbage bin dress' as it was dubbed by The Daily Mail. This was clearly a good sign, after all if The Daily Mail hate something, the chances are it is bloody good (e.g. Stephen Fry, feminism). 

I will go though his show pictures later, but in the meantime I wanted to share this dress with you that I found snapped on the pages of The Times 2 last week...

I want this David Koma dress about as much as want a puppy, which is to say about as much as I ever want anything. Sadly, it costs a bit more than a puppy (which I don't believe in paying for, it would have to come from a shelter) and won't do cute / stupid things like chase it's tail or give you bacon eyes. But other than those very small issues, which are not entirely fair to place on something when they are as different as a living breathing animal and a kick ass piece of clothing, why would you not want this dress? Oh yes, the price, as I said before...David Koma may be a new kid on the block but his prices are old school. So how much is it, I hear you ask. This dress is £2,780 from Browns. Keep waiting for the puppy kiddo. 

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Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

ahhh. so incredible!


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