Sunday, 19 September 2010

Henry Holland After Party

Miss M and I went to the House of Holland after show party yesterday in Brick Lane. We weren't really in the mood to go (I was hungover, she was feeling the onset of an illness), but I'm glad we did. All of Henry's friends and family were there, including his cute little sister in a lovely get up, who was telling people about her looming exam year. Of course, friends and family also meant we were hoping Aggy would be coming, and she did. Aggy is so beautiful - utterly radiant, very small (she was wearing flats but I towered over her in my not that high heels) and so sweet - she burst into tears when she saw Henry and from what I heard they'd only been away from each other for two weeks - bless. She also seemed to the only person at the party drinking champagne. They must keep a special supermodel stash somewhere. 

Silver stud ring - H&M, Disc ring - YSL, Gold and diamond ring - My Grandma's, Watch - Chanel, Random bracelets - ASOS

Dress - H&M
Jewellery - as above 
Shoes - Zara

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Tory said...

Loving the red lippy - totally suits you!

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