Thursday, 9 September 2010

Martin Margiela - Hungry Like The Wolf

If it has be Autumn, and I have to wear socks, then they might as well be fun socks. 

The Margiela t-shirt in the picture above was taken at the recent exhibition at Somerset House, and it's been embroidered over the print - amazing. It was these t-shirts that was the inspiration for my dubious t-shirt purchase worn here - it gets quite a lot of compliments (strangely enough) although I feel like if it's worn in the wrong way I might be mistaken for being one of the Indigo Girls (no offence to the Indigo Girls, but they're hardly known for their sartorial glories). 

And the boots - ah, the boots. At first glance they are just pair of basic brown mid heeled winter boots, but when you look down you see the bling trim...

T-shirt - ASOS
Socks - New Look 
Boots - Martin Margiela from Century 21

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