Thursday, 30 September 2010

Thrift Shopping In New York - Chanel and other stuff

I've just returned from a long weekend in New York. For the first time EVER (okay, in about 5 years) I didn't buy a pair of shoes in Barney's. This is partly because of the two pairs of shoes I really wanted one cost about $2,000 (Givenchy, stiletto heeled boots that I know I would never wear out) and the other pair weren't in my size. 

But never mind. Whilst the shoe gods my not have been on my side the charity shop gods were (or should I say thrift shop gods?).

I bought tons of crazy stuff in a Housing Works on Crosby Street for a dollar an item, including a Christian Dior skirt and in a Housing Works on the Upper East Side where they were having a 50% off rainy day special (because by heck was it raining), I found a Chanel jacket. Brand new with tags. And it fitted. And did I mention it was half off? Chanel jackets usually cost £1,500 and up, so I think I got a bargain. Add to that a Dries Van Noten skirt for $25 and you have an extremely happy charity shopper. 

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