Sunday, 26 September 2010

Giles Deacon Dino T-Shirt - Back From Extinction

Back in January I wrote about how much I wanted the Giles Deacon dino bag. Six months on I cannot say I own one (more's the pity), let alone seen one in real life (there was a single pap shot of one at LFW last week), but at least I now have the t-shirt.  

I was reminded of the dino bag when I saw Giles walking down the street as I looked out of my window a week or two ago. My first instinct was to run after him like a lunatic begging him to make a dino bag on special order. But I settled for the next best thing - getting on and finding the last pieces of his collection in the sale. I can't recommend Farfetch enough. It's a website that brings together the stock from boutiques across Europe and the U.S. and sells them from one central site. When you think that hope may be lost, always try Farfetch. They have a pretty nifty sale site too. 

T-shirt - Giles 
Trousers & belt - Zara
Shoes - Charity shop

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Kristen Leotsakou said...

omfg i love that top!!!
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